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Memollow has five, the most important features that game for children should contain. These are fun, learning, rewarding, favourite themes and magic. All of these elements are fostered by the most beautiful graphic design and illustration, which entitled Memollow to be the unique game, delivering such positive energy to a child.
This app is for everyone who fell in love with all the stunning images from Memollow app like frisky pony, cute excavator, or other happy and huggable hereos. This time, Memollow COLORING PAGES is an app which belongs to the creative category, letting children feel free to express themselves!
The entire press release about Memollow and KiooiK Games is available to download under the link provided below. Feel free to contact us. We love talking about games and kids. More about KiooiK Games at

What creators of Memollow say...

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"Instead of plain old matching cards we get to squish pillows and when a pair are matched they burst with a puff of stuffing."

said Elaine, editor at Appable

"Memollow is somethig what I was looking for my children, son and daughter. A theme of cars, dinozaurs and ponies is number one, when talking about the greatest feature of Memollow for my kids."

mother of Dorothy and Ben


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